Online Poker Rake Back

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Rakeback is a way of getting back a percentage of the rake fees you pay to the poker site in most hands you play.

The rake is the poker room fee that is taken from most pots and is usually capped at $3. For example, let’s say you were playing in a 6 handed poker game at a site that calcuates rakeback using the dealt method and the rake fee taken for a particular hand was the maximum of $3, this equates to each player having contributed 50 cents to that fee whether they played or folded their hand. Over many hundreds and thousands of hands this adds up to a substancial amount of money.

Poker rakeback is a system that allows you to have a pre-agreed percentage of the rake you have paid during each month sent back into your player account. It is usually paid once a month however you can get rakeback daily or weekly at certain sites. Rakeback is a fantastic incentive as it comes with no terms and conditions attached and can add up to several thousand dollars each month of money you would not have received without rakeback.

Most players simply use it to increase their bankroll and move up stakes much faster than they would ordinarily be able to, you pay rake in any real money cash game as well as any tournament fees which means you add to your poker rakeback earnings every time you take part in a real money poker game.

Over the course of the last year there have been many rakeback deals offering over 30% which is the recommended figure to im for, a very popular choice currently is the 33% Cake Poker rakeback deal which currently allows US players, has regular deposit bonuses and several thousand players online at any one time.

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