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Chinese poker (also sometimes known as Russian Poker or Xap Xam) is a card game that has been played in the Asian community for many years. It started gaining popularity somewhere else because it confirms lot of features that an “exciting” gambling game usually owns

The rules of Chinese Poker are quite simple. Just a basic knowledge of poker hand rankings is enough to start with the game.

Chinese poker partly can be played with luck. And as there exists a probability of fortune naturally even a beginner can try his worth in this game. He is further having a chance of winning in the short term, and that also against skilled opponents.

How to begin:

Each player should be dealt 13 cards. From these 13 cards, each player has to form 3 groups or sets (two of them comprising 5 cards each, and one 3-card set.) We can designate the 5-card sets as the “middle” and the “back,” while the 3-card set is to be called as “the front”
In making the three sets, you need to follow certain rules. The “back” 5-card hand must confirm it as the highest hand; on the contrary the” front” 3-card hand should be the lowest hand. The “middle” even by default should be the middle hand. Straights and flushes not to be counted in the 3-card “back” hand.

Once a player has decided on the cards, he has to place each facedown in front of him.

After all the sets are down, then the players must see that whose hands look stronger.

In Chinese poker, the game is usually played for “units” or points. And each “unit” confirms a pre-decided amount of money.

If you feel ready to play, you can get all the info you need to play chinese poker.

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